ALM Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset


ALM Bluetooth Headphones LH-4F5 Review

ALM LH-4F5 Bluetooth Headphone Review

Update; Aug 19th, 2017
ALM LH-4F5 headphones are no longer available in the stores.

ALM Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset is one of the most innovative and effective low price range headphone (up to $50) products in the market to give you the best sound output with crispy details. Using a headphone to listen to music delivers you many benefits. When it comes to a wireless headphone, the benefits are exceptionally more over a conventional headphone. ALM presents this Bluetooth wireless stereo headphone with an exceptional sound quality thanks to the advance technology and the top quality materials used during the process of manufacture.

Perfect for TV & Music

The ALM Bluetooth wireless stereo headphone is specially designed to be perfectly compatible with devices like smart TV, home theater, laptop, PC’s and smartphone. It is manufactured in the form of a dual TV Bluetooth headphone.

When it comes to entertainment like watching your favorite movie with special sound effects or your much awaited musical event of the year, the ALM LH-4F5 headphone will astonish you with the crisp sounds.

You will feel like living in the real environment without missing even a single sound detail of the program you listen. When it comes to programs like documentaries about nature or wildlife, the sound experience you can feel with ALM Bluetooth wireless headset is unmatchable. Even a single drop of water can be experienced perfectly thanks to the high-end technology used here.

Connectivity – Bluetooth 4.0

Because of the 4.0 version of the Bluetooth technology integrated with this particular headset, the data transmission is extremely rapid.

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No more trouble in dealing with annoying wires, you can do whatever you wish while enjoying the favorite entertainment event.

You can move around without any doubt in mind as it covers a large area within a radius of 10 meters (Appox. 30 ft).This stereo head set has the ability to provide the best gaming experience you ever felt because of the amazing sound output quality.

When it comes to privacy, no one ever will be disturbed hereafter as you enjoy your programs in a real private manner. On the other hand, you will not be disturbed by the external sounds and noises because of this hi end product from ALM.

Functions & Controls

Taking about the technical features of the ALM Bluetooth Wireless Stereo headphone, it is manufactured based on multipoint connection technology. The headset comes with two individual pairs of Bluetooth headphones and is connected with a single Bluetooth transmitter. It also supports Multi-languages voice in options like ZH, EN, ES, FR, and DE. ALM Wireless headset is equipped perfectly with multifunction and volume control buttons. The data is transferred with the Bluetooth 4.0 technology leaving no margin for delayed signals.

Upon a single charge, you can enjoy 10 hours of uninterrupted music playing with this device. Talking time is 11 hours. Within 2.5 hours the device will reach 100% of charge. The rechargeable 210 mAh lithium battery is long lasting and effective as a reliable power source to this masterpiece. It is integrated with an inbuilt microphone as a voice input unit, which can be used for recording purposes too. The microphone has a sensitivity of -42 DB, which is a very efficient characteristic. After a single charge, it will maintain a standby time of 30 days, thanks to the efficiency of the battery. Recharging can be easily done with type B micro USB port.

Design & Appearance

When it comes to the appearance of this particular wireless stereo headset from ALM, it is made to maintain the ear coupler type which is extremely comfortable in the ear. You can wear it for long hours without feeling any discomfort at all. Adding more comfort it is equipped with protein leather earmuffs too. To make this Bluetooth Wireless stereo headset steadier when it is on use, an extendable type head band is included. Because of this extendable type, the headset can match any person with ease.


The compatibility of this headset is vivid. It matches all the modern day essential equipment like mobile phone, laptop, PC, tab, smart TV, home theatre system and anything else. Because of its compact design and high portability, you can use it as a reliable travel companion too. The elegant design will add more value in terms of appearance. Because it doesn’t come with any wires with it, you will find it really convenient to use it no matter where you go.

When it comes to making a voice call, this headset will provide you a life like experience. You will feel as if the person you are talking to is standing right in from of you. The sounds are pretty clear, natural and crispy sharp. Especially during Skype and other voice associated communications, you can talk maintaining high privacy and top quality voice.

Because of the integrated volume keys, you do not have to bother reaching the smart phone, TV or whatever the device connected in order to control the in-ear volume. This is one of the many reasons to consider ALM Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset as a very user-friendly device regardless of the age of the user.


  • Stereo sound output with high quality
  • 10 hours music play back and 11 hours talk time / 30 day standby
  • Rapid Bluetooth transmission with V 4.0
  • Multifunctional , volume control keys
  • headset has Bluetooth and AUX fucntions
  • It support music transform, hands-free function
  • Support music from line-in
  • Compatible with phones, TVs PCs and any other Bluetooth device
  • Supports remote control of play/pause, previous/next track, volume up and volume down
  • It is light and comfortable wearing

  • None – for that price these headphones rock!

Final words

ALM Bluetooth wireless stereo headset is a very good product that has the ability to provide you a quality sound output maintaining privacy. It is compatible with almost all the devices. Totally worth the money you spend over this useful device.


  • Build & Design Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Connectivity
  • Battery Life
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ALM Bluetooth wireless stereo headset is a very good product that has the ability to provide you a quality sound output maintaining privacy. It is compatible with almost all the devices. Totally worth the money you spend over this useful device.


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